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Soil Group Worksheet Request for Agricultural Assessment Parcels

  2. List current/new owner name

  3. Address of owner's primary residence

  5. I am submitting a request for a soil group worksheet for the following reason(s):

    Select all that apply. Note, if you are NOT the owner of the parcel, check with your assessor prior to submission. Once this application has been reviewed by your Assessor, it will be forwarded to County Soil & Water for processing.

    NOTE: All new exemption applications and renewals are due prior to taxable status date, March 1 each year.

  6. (refer to tax bill or tax map)

  7. Has the parcel recently transferred?*
  8. Has a recent survey of the land been filed?*
  9. Does landowner farm the land?*
  10. Is any portion leased for Ag purposes?*
  11. If leased, list name of party renting the land

  12. Are there any residential homes on parcel?*
  13. If there are residential structures on the property, are the occupants
  14. Enter any additional information here.

  15. Owner Certification
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