Do I still have to register with the County if I am exclusively using AirBnB?
  • You are required to register with the county to obtain a Certificate of Authority no matter what entity you use. However, AirBnB does collect and remit the tax on your behalf.

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1. Why do I have to pay this tax?
2. When did the room tax law go into effect?
3. What if I only rent in the summer, do I still have to document the rest of the year and send in the forms?
4. Can I pay one lump sum at the end of the year or during tax season?
5. Do I still have to pay if my revenue is less than the cost of operation?
6. Is this just a Schuyler County tax?
7. Do I still have to register with the County if I am exclusively using AirBnB?
8. What if I don’t report my revenue?
9. Where does the collected money go?
10. What if I don’t provide any housekeeping, linen, or other customary hotel services?
11. Do I also need to pay sales tax?
12. How do I dissolve my State given ID# when I no longer conduct business?
13. Do I have to display the “Certificate of Authority” when my family is staying at the rental? Not paying customers.
14. I know of others who are renting and not paying Room Tax, why?
15. Can you tell me who pays?
16. Is there a minimum gross amount that doesn’t require taxes to be paid/what if I only rent my house/room for two weeks out of the year?
17. Will there be an audit conducted on my revenue?
18. What if a down payment was received in one quarter but the remainder was received in a different quarter?
19. What if there is a charge for a pet or a charge for damage to my property? Is that included in my gross income and therefore taxed?
20. What if I use a website to schedule my rentals? Such as AirBnB or VRBO.
21. What if I am paying late?