County Administrator

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in Schuyler County and its government. Schuyler County, as the home of Watkins Glen International Raceway, Seneca Lake, Watkins Glen State Park, and over 40 outstanding wineries has become a destination for over three million visitors annually. The development of a new luxury hotel and conference center on the lake front has been a catalyst to the transformation currently underway in our community.  Additionally, we have formed a public / private partnership to create an open access optical fiber network to expand broadband access in our region. While we continue to strive to provide 100% high speed internet access throughout our rural areas, many areas of the county are now able to access 1 GB service, allowing for additional economic expansion in this digital age.

Live & Work in Schuyler County

Schuyler County, in addition to being a great place to visit is an even better place to live and work. As we continue to experience growth in the tourism, agricultural, and retail sectors, our population is increasing as well. To our residents, this growth comes as no surprise given the tremendous scenic beauty and natural resources of this region of the state. In addition to the thriving wine industry we also host a growing sector of craft breweries and distilleries.  With the advent of high-speed internet access in Schuyler, the ability to work from home has grown exponentially. This comes as no surprise, given our tremendous natural environment and beauty.  As businesses and individuals evaluate potential areas to locate, factors such as quality of education, economic and community climate, environment, and opportunity all weigh significantly in the decision-making process. I am thrilled to see continued investment in our community as businesses seek to start up or relocate to this county. If I were to use just two words to capture the economic essence of Schuyler County they would be “tremendous potential”.

Progressive Community

Given the aforementioned attributes, this community has tremendous potential for what will likely be explosive growth, both as a destination location and for permanent occupancy. With the opportunities that face our county, our progressive community and government leaders recognize the challenges that present themselves as well. Maintaining the delicate balance between promoting and accommodating responsible growth and mitigating potential negative impacts on quality of life continue to be at the forefront of discussions among the various stakeholders. Long range planning and vision is critical to this end. The Schuyler County Council of Governments continues to be active and dynamic, providing a forum whereby each municipality and school district within the county can communicate, collaborate and cooperate in recognizing and meeting the challenges ahead. Created in 2005, the longevity of this organization is a testament to the commitment to forming partnerships among all levels of local government throughout Schuyler County. County government stands ready to support efforts and initiatives promoting responsible growth and enhancing quality of life for our residents.

Bright Future

As County Administrator, I look to the future with great excitement and enthusiasm. I continue to marvel at the natural beauty of our environment and the spirit of our community. The warm and welcoming nature that greets visitors and residents alike, positions us well for future growth. The Village of Watkins Glen, as a recent Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) winner is undergoing a transformation that will help further its reputation as a world class destination while also creating year-round tourism opportunities. Similar yet smaller efforts are underway in many other areas within the county as well.

Schuyler County is a great place to raise a family, earn a living, or simply enjoy the breathtaking scenery. This combination either singularly or collectively, contribute to the tremendous potential of our county. Please come check us out!